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Hello, everyone!

We have received some questions regarding surfing school and board rental so we would like to share the answers below!

Q1. What time is your surfing school available?
We are terribly sorry that we can only accept Japanese speakers in the class because all surfing classes are conducted in Japanese.

Q2. How much is it to rent surf equipment?

If you have experience in surfing, you can rent equipment with the price below.

-Facility use fee (shower & locker) for 1 day ¥2,750
  (All the customers are charged for facility use fee)
-Wetsuit for ¥1,100 (for 3hours)
-Surfboard ¥2,200 (for 3hours)
-Stand up paddle board ¥3,300 (for 3hours)

*Please be aware that we cannot lend surf equipment to beginners to protect them from possible dangers and accidents in the ocean.

Q3. Do you have wetsuits and boards for kids?
We don’t have wetsuits and surf boards available for kids.

Q4. What time do you open and close?
Open:7:00am, Close:6:00pm (October-March)
Open:7:00am, Close:7:00pm (April-June)
Open:7:00am, Close:8:00pm (July-September)

If you want to make a reservation or need anything, please contact us via e-mail ( 

Thank you for your understanding.

We hope you will have a wonderful experience here!

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